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Wisconsin Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology

UW-Whitewater University Health and Counseling Services

University Health & Counseling Services
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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Whitewater, WI 53190
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The clinical staff of the University Health & Counseling Services (UHCS), is committed to the university teaching mission by providing high quality physical and mental health services to address the unique needs of college students. A core value of UHCS is diversity of staff and ability to respond to diverse student needs. We strive for inclusive excellence in all services and programming. Appreciation of culture, background, and self-awareness in service delivery is vital.

Students Served

UHCS offers a range of mental health services for currently enrolled students at UW-Whitewater, including counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, psychiatry, and other health and wellness enhancement services. We offer services that range from treating depression, body image concerns, low-self esteem, alcohol and other drug abuse, suicidal ideation, anxiety issues, family, friend, roommate or dating concerns, grief and loss, time management, sexual assault/abuse, and just about anything else that is important to a student.

Services Offered

UHCS provides the following services:

  • Individual Counseling-  Brief therapy model of one-on-one counseling guided by treatment planning and a five-axis diagnosis, completed after a thorough biopsychosocial initial consultation process.  
  • Consultation- UHCS is prepared to facilitate conversations and requests related to mental health from faculty and staff, students, outside providers, and family members of students. 
  • Group Therapy- UHCS values the group therapy model. Opportunities for general process groups, gender specific, and other opportunities occur each semester. 
  • Couples Counseling- UHCS staff provide couples counseling for enrolled students and their partners. 
  • Emergency Services- UHCS staff maintain an emergency hour twice per day to provide for the crisis and immediate needs of students. Emergency hours are held during the working hours of 7:45am-4:30pm. Students are referred to the Walworth County Crisis Hotline after hours. 
  • Assessment- Opportunities exist for use of brief assessment such as Beck Depressive Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, as well as Rorschach, MMPI-II, WAIS, and Millon Personality Inventory.

Training Opportunities and Supervision

  • 2000-hour internship
  • Number of hours on site: 40 hours per week, including supervision and training at WICPP
  • Direct Hours- In a typical week, interns have 16-20 hours of direct client contact (e.g., initial consultation, individual, couples, emergency, and/or group counseling, assessment, consultation). Upon completion of a one- or two-session initial consultation intake procedure, interns provide a five-axis diagnosis and initial treatment plan. Referral to psychiatric, health, or outside providers may be made at any time during the therapy process.  Interns will also help provide goals, coping skills, and otherwise assist students with their identified developmental and mental health needs.
  • Indirect Hours- Remaining hours are devoted to administrative, consultative, case management, and other needs. Interns provide timely and accurate record keeping of all clinical duties on electronic medical record software. Other opportunities occur each semester for university committee work, outreach, and other professional relationship-building activities.
  • Supervision-  Interns receive three hours of face-to-face supervision/week by at least one licensed psychologist, in addition to the training experiences provide by WICPP. Interns are invited and encouraged to consult and discuss needs with all UHCS staff members.

Proposed Intern Applicant Requirements

(to be finalized in Fall 2012 by the WICPP Consortium Training Committee)

Intern applicants must be students enrolled in APA-accredited programs.

Practicum Experiences

  • experiences in diagnosis, assessment, and intervention with college students (preferred) or young adults
  • additional breadth of experience in community mental health, hospital setting, or outpatient clinic (preferred)
  • experience working with diverse clients
  • experience in college counseling center (preferred) and/or university-based mental health clinic

Additional Experiences

  • interest and experience in multiculturalism, including evolving cultural competence and experience with clients from different cultural backgrounds
  • 300 intervention hours (minimum)
  • coursework in personality testing and assessment (preferred)
  • experience in administering and scoring the following assessment instruments: MMPI-II, MMPI-RF, MCMI-III

About UW-Whitewater and Whitewater, Wisconsin

Founded in 1868, UW-Whitewater is a four-year state university with a total enrollment of 11,615 students. We offers students 48 undergraduate programs, as well as 12 graduate programs and a faculty/student ratio of 23:1. While the majority of the student body draws from the greater Wisconsin area, UW-Whitewater also has students representing 41 states and 41 nations. UW-Whitewater is well known for its schools of business and education, and we are especially proud of our mission to meet and serve the needs of students with disabilities. UW-Whitewater strives for a reputation as an institution that truly values and nurtures diverse intellectual, cultural, creative, and service opportunities.

Whitewater is a city of approximately 14,300, offering an array of business and social opportunities, as well as a strong sense of community. The rolling Kettle Moraine and beautiful farmland surround us, and we are only 45 minutes from Madison, 45 minutes from Milwaukee, and 2 hours from Chicago. Whitewater provides a small-town feel with access to big-city experiences.

Supervisors: Rich Jazdzewski, Psy.D., LP
                   Jill Mallin, Ph.D., LP

Stipend: $22,000/year plus benefits

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