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Wisconsin Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology

Dean Medical Center - Pediatric Neuropsychology Service

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Dean Medical Center's Pediatric Neuropsychology Service offers a stimulating and varied training opportunity to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Most of the children referred to Dean Pediatric Neuropsychology exhibit complex symptoms affecting mood, attention, and learning. They typically present with developmental problems such as brain formation disorders (e.g., schizencephaly), chromosomal disorders, syndrome disorders (e.g., Prader-Willi syndrome), and both perinatal and postnatal developmental disorders (e.g., head injuries, seizure disorders, toxic-metabolic disorders). The clinic also works with children with pervasive developmental disorders. Children are typically seen at the main medical clinic but also at specialty clinics (i.e., Neurodevelopmental and Attention Deficit Disorders Clinic) at St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Referrals come from within the department, and also from primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, and psychiatrists within the Dean Health System of southern Wisconsin. We also receive referrals from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Meriter Hospital, where Dean patients receive inpatient rehabilitation services. This broad referral base contributes to a wide variety of clinical opportunities.

The intern conducts neuropsychological testing within the setting of a medical clinic, provides short-term problem-focused therapy approach, and facilitates school consultation. The intern learns how to provide rapid assessment through focused diagnostic interviewing and thorough testing, and is exposed to a specific developmental/ approach that is amenable to short-term treatment and consultation.  

Proposed Intern Applicant Requirements

(to be finalized in Fall 2012 by the WICPP Consortium Training Committee)


  • four foundational areas of psychology (required)
    • social bases of behavior
    • cognitive/affective bases of behavior
    • biological bases of behavior
    • individual differences
  • neuropsychology (required)
  • psychometric assessment methods (preferred)
  • neuroanatomy/neurophysiology (preferred)
  • cognitive/intelligence testing and assessment (preferred)
  • personality testing and assessment (preferred)

Practicum Experiences

  • experiences in diagnosis, assessment, and intervention with children presenting with mental health issues, behavioral or emotional problems, acquired brain dysfunction (e.g., closed head injuries), developmental or neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ASD), stroke or seizure disorders, cognitive or neurobehavioral impairments (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities)
  • experience in health, hospital, and/or other medical settings (preferred)
  • experience in other mental health settings (preferred)

Additional Experiences

  • interest and experience in diversity and multiculturalism, including evolving cultural competence and experience with clients from different cultural backgrounds
  • 200 assessment hours (minimum)
  • 100 intervention hours (minimum)
  • experience in administering and scoring the following assessment instruments:

    Cognitive/Academic/Neuropsychological                                           Personality
    WISC-IV                                                                                          Rorschach
    ADOS                                                                                             TAT
    CVLT-C                                                                                          Roberts-II
    CPT-II                                                                                            House-Tree-Person
    WSCT-CV2                                                                                      Kinetic Family
    WIAT-III                                                                                          Rating Scales 
    Delis Kaplan                                                                                   BRIEF
    CNSVS                                                                                            BASC-2
    WRAML-2                                                                                       VINELAND-II

Supervisor: Peter Williamson, Ph.D.
Stipend: $22,000/year

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