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School of Education
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College Student Assessment Services: 608/265-2802
Counseling Psychology Training Clinic: 608/265-8779
School Psychology Training Clinic: 608/262-3848

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The Educational & Psychological Training Center (EPTC)

Philosophy and Purpose

The Educational and Psychological Training Center (EPTC) is a student training facility in the School of Education. The primary mission of the EPTC is to train students in the delivery of educational and psychological services to persons experiencing learning, behavioral, psychosocial, or vocational difficulties. The EPTC promotes research on new and better clinical practices and serves individuals, couples, families, and community organizations. The Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, School Psychology, and Special Education programs play central roles in the EPTC by developing and maintaining innovative and effective professional training practices that promote relevant research activities and provide a service to the University, Madison, and Wisconsin communities.

Types of Services

EPTC activities include clinical services, teaching seminars, supervision of clinical practice, clinical staffing, colloquia, and other sponsored activities. The EPTC also sponsors clinical training activities that take place in the community, such as outreach consultation and intervention in homes, schools, and community agencies.


The EPTC has state-of-the-art technology that accommodates live observation and/or audiovisual recording of training, clinical and supervision activities with individuals and small groups. EPTC records are maintained in a central, secure location by a Program Assistant. Work stations are available for interpretive assessment and intervention reports and student recordkeeping activities. Intervention and assessment materials are also kept in a secure area in a resource center and are available for faculty, staff, and students of the participating programs.


The EPTC Executive Committee includes faculty representatives from Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, and Special Education as well as EPTC staff and student members.

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